Case Study

Designing the customer experience with Sensis

Sensis had pioneered business listings, with the first telephone directories in the country. With the need to reinvent themselves as a leading digital service, they wanted to understand their customer’s needs, and create a win-win between operational savings and value-added services.


Building on existing customer segmentation work, we carried out qualitative research, looking at the end-trend service experience of customer in key segments.

Together with staff from across various business units, we mapped out the current experience: from a search on Google, to landing on the website, creating an account, through ongoing service usage and the billing process. The journey map allowed us to communicate the breadth and complexity of the customer’s interactions with the company, and show where it needed improvement.

customer support staff design sprint

I worked with a researcher and two developers to flesh out user flows for a self-service product. Interactive mid-fidelity prototypes allowed us to test ideas with users and were easy for research participants to provide feedback on.

The app we prototyped features a simplified way of selecting a listing product, and is designed to help people list their business quickly and easily. The prototype served to create instant tangibility for the Sensis team, and was used as a starting point to build out their digital services.

self service prototype


The project kicked off a program of design-led innovation efforts across the organisation. The design methods and ways of working we introduced to the team have been adopted internally and are being used to deliver value for the business even after our engagement with them has ended.